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Download the realtor fact sheet.

Residents are encouraged to set up automatic payments for their HOA dues.

Each unit has one deeded parking spot, located in the back (north) parking lot. Contact Mark Mauldin for info regarding your assigned parking.

No car, truck, or object of any kind shall obstruct the access drives or pathways though the condominium area.

Parking spaces may be used only for operable passenger motor vehicles and may not be used for parking trailers or recreational vehicles.

Front parking lot restrictions.

Parking in the front (south) parking lot is limited to 2 hours. Unmetered (free) street parking is available adjacent to the front parking lot.

The front parking lot is the primary fire lane in the event of fire.

It is the primary pick-up point for ambulances and patient transports, and is the sole parking area for contractors and others performing work in the condominiums.

Garbage pickup is Monday morning.

Residents are encouraged to recycle. Recycle pickup is on Thursday morning.

Owners may keep no more than one cat, one fish or other quiet caged animal (which must be approved by the Board) in a unit.

Click HERE for additional pet policy restrictions.

Each unit has one assigned storage unit. Contact Mark Mauldin for info regarding your assigned storage unit.



Rules & Regulations.pdf



Lease of a Unit

a. An Owner shall have the right to lease the Owner’s unit, pursuant to this section 8, upon such terms and conditions as the Owner may deem advisable, subject to the following:

(i) any such lease or rental agreement must be in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws:

(ii) no Owner may lease or rent the Owner’s unit for a term of less than thirty days or longer than one year;

(iii) any lease or rental agreement shall be in writing and shall provide that the lease or rental agreement is subject to the terms of the Declaration, the Bylaws of the Association, and the Rules and Regulations of the Association;

(iv) such lease or rental agreement shall state that the failure of the lessee or renter to comply with the terms of the Declaration, Bylaws, or the Rules and Regulations of the Association shall constitute a default and such default shall be enforceable by either the Board of Directors or the lessor, or by both of them to include, but not be limited to, eviction of the lessee from the condominium; and

(v) the Board of Directors shall be furnished with a copy of the lease or rental agreement.

b. Prior to entering into a lease with any tenant, the Owner is required to have the prospective tenant screened, at the Owner’s or tenant’s cost, by a tenant screening service approved by the Association and to furnish a copy of the report of the tenant screening service to the Board.

c. The owner is held responsible for any damage to common areas or limited common areas caused by the tenant, whether or not the tenant was in violation of the rental agreement or any rules or regulations. Rental of a unit does not constitute a waiver or relinquishment of the Owner’s responsibilities as specified in the Declaration, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations.

d. No more than four units may be rented at any one time. The Board will keep a current list of the number of units rented.

e. No unit may be leased prior to the Owner living in the unit for at least two (2) years; provided, however the Board may, in it’s sole discretion, allow an Owner to lease their unit before the two (2) years is up if the Owner has an emergency.